The "Chaise à la fenêtre" - Henri FANTIN-LATOUR
Henri FANTIN-LATOUR (Grenoble 1836 / Bure 1904) seems to escape classification within 19th century painting, a rare quality for an artist. Born in Grenoble to a society portraitist father who was his first teacher, he moved to Paris with his family while he was still a child. In addition to a classic apprenticeship which he began at the age of fifteen, he learned from the ancients at the Louvre, a lesson that he never forgot, remaining faithful his whole career to a traditional technique. Fantin-Latour soon made multiple trips to England, which allowed him to establish a clientele and to become friendly with English painters, notably Whistler, but also with the principal representatives of the preraphaelite movement popular at the time. His debuts at the Salon were hardly promising, but Fantin-Latour remains famous mostly for having participated in the famous Salon des refusés of 1863, and for having subsequently become a faithful companion of the impressionists, even if he barely followed their lead.